Are You Ready for Labelexpo?

Label Expo 2016

The landmark event for the most dynamic and fastest growing part of the printing industry touches down at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois from September 25–27. Are you ready?

Label Expo 2018 LogoJust a short cab or Uber ride from O’Hare airport Labelexpo Americas, the biennial fusion of technology, imagination and innovation for all things related to flexo, label and package printing is an invaluable opportunity for label and packaging pros to network with peers from throughout the U.S. and Canada while learning about, experiencing, and touching a vast array of new technologies that can make a competitive and profitable difference in your business.

Booth 929

About halfway down the center aisle, in Booth 929, a must-see location is Anderson & Vreeland. A leading distributor and manufacturer of flexographic and digital technology for labels and packaging, A&V will be highlighting key technologies backed by its team of technical experts thoroughly versed in the fine points of flexo and digital imaging. Come armed with questions and be ready to leave with a deeper knowledge of the processes you rely on every day.

State-of-the-art plate perfection

Flint nylofex Xpress

Two centerpieces at Anderson & Vreeland will be the Flint Xpress Thermal Plate Processor and the Xeikon ThermoflexX digital imager. The Flint Xpress helps converters produce high quality plates faster and more reliably. The made-in-the-USA Xpress features remote service and diagnostics, the scalability to handle plates up to 42 x 65 inches and a revolutionary short-wave IR heating system for precise heating depth control, resulting in excellent dimensional plate stability without the need for a chiller. And, with an eye on the environment, the Flint Xpress offers a waste recovery program for all consumables produced by the machine.

ThermoFlexX 30

ThermoFlexX 30

A few feet away you’ll find the Xeikon ThermoflexX 30 digital imager, packed full of operator friendly features and controls. It is just one member of a line of ThermoflexX digital imagers that combine digital technology with an open, modular workflow to accelerate the platemaking process while producing high-quality flexographic and letterpress plates at resolutions up to 5080 DPI.

A single resource

Together, the Flint Xpress and the ThermoflexX 30 showcase A&V’s focus on providing the most innovative materials and technical solutions available. They are joined in Booth 929 by still more equipment, software and technical expertise from seven other partners that showcase Anderson & Vreeland’s support for label and packaging converters:

Anderson Vreeland Label Expo

  • Automate your workflow with PACKZ and PATCHPLANNER from Hybrid Software while streamlining handling of the pass-off for further production.
  • If you’re serious about color, talk with one of our experts about GMG to learn the advantages of GMG’s OpenColor technology and workflow tools.
  • Compact, easy to use, and environmentally friendly, the Orbital X Water Wash System of multi-function plate processors are designed to use tap water for washing photopolymer printing plates.
  • Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer: Cleanliness is critical when reusing plates, so be sure to take a look at the Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer, a robust washing system for converters and printers who store flexo plates for later use. The Ovit will clean ink from plate surfaces while recycling the water and washing solutions. Plates are ejected from the unit clean, dry and ready for storage.
  • No matter how you manage color, it’s important to verify you are printing the colors you need and expect. The SpectroDens from Techkon is a multi-purpose, modern measurement device for verifying proofs, completing press checks or inspecting paper and print products. The SpectroDens combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectophotometer in an easy-to-use tool.
  • Toyobo is a force in films and polymers, offering converters a range of plates and plate materials that span a broad range of requirements. Be sure to get the latest details about Toyobo’s Printight and Cosmolight plate solutions. Toyobo cites easier plate handling, especially in the raw stage; less tackiness; uniform ink transfer; and stable dots for improved reproducibility on its new NZ and QZ plates. All the details—along with clear advice from the A&V product manager and Toyobo —will be available in the Anderson & Vreeland booth at Labelexpo.
  • As a global leader in color trends, science and technology, X-Rite offers a full range of solutions that help control color consistently and accurately from inspiration to final delivery. Their products span portable spectrophotometers to solutions for calibrating, monitors, scanners and printers. X-Rite’s solutions focus on providing complete end-to-end color management solutions for every industry where color matters. When you are seeking to specify, communicate, formulate, and measure color, X-Rite’s tools and technology can help you get it right the first time.
  • A master of making materials adhere to each other, 3M will be showing converters how selecting the right tapes for splicing and plate mounting can boost productivity and enhance print quality and reliability. Tapes are not all created equal. Talk with A&V’s 3M experts for the best advice on your pressroom adhesion needs.

Emerging opportunities

We understand all aspects of flexography, including managing inventories in an automated fashion. At Labelexpo, we will be unveiling our VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) system using RFID technology with cabinet and full room applications.


A cabinet or cage manufactured by A&V uses RFID tags and software to monitor supply levels stored in the cabinet. When reorder limits are approaching or met, an order is initialized, utilizing authorization from a customer’s blanket purchase order, then shipped to the printer or converter. The cabinet and software demonstrate a streamlined, automated way of ensuring needed products and consumables are always available.

What you don’t know about ink systems

A few steps away in Booth 939, the Provident team will be able to share details about the latest advancements in doctor blades, end seals, and other products for the press room that help increase efficiencies. Careful selection of these products can have a major impact on productivity and print quality. Find out how by talking with an expert at Provident.


One stop shopping

At Labelexpo 2018, Anderson & Vreeland provides one-stop shopping for nearly all your flexo and digital printing needs. Come to Booth 929 from September 25–27 to learn how Anderson & Vreeland can provide the equipment, software and technology support that can help grow your business.

Label Expo 2018