A Complete Guide to Digital Printing


Earlier this year, we discussed where Flexo would be headed in 2015. The consensus was that we would see a growing interest in digital printing.

As the year is drawing to a close, our prediction proved to be right. Digital printing was at the forefront of the Flexo industry in 2015 with new products and innovations.

Of course, we covered the topic extensively on FlexoDaily and decided to bring you a summary of all the posts we published on digital printing this year. If you want to know more, don’t forget to register for our last webinar of the year coming up on December 9th, on Integrated Digital Front Ends for Flexo.

The ABC of Digital Front Ends for Package Printing

Before digital presses, printers talked about RIPs, and workflow, and stepping, trapping, imposition, color mapping, calibration, etc. etc. Mentally, we separate the components or tasks required to make flexo plates. But in the digital world, it’s just the “DFE” – a catchall phrase for all of that software “stuff” that is required to keep the press running. For that matter, everything else up and down stream, as it serves as the focal point for all job information, all the way to shipping methods and addresses.

Technology is Changing the Narrow Web … Creating New Profit Opportunities for Label Printers

There will be a fundamental change in the way labels are printed that will create significant opportunities for label shops to increase profits, efficiency, overall production and customer satisfaction. It represents a paradigm shift with technology changing the narrow web, similar to scanning replacing the need for stand-alone fax machines.

Transitioning to Digital Printing … Flexo Has Come a Long Way Since Molding Presses

Digital presses offer quicker response times due to minimal press setup. They simplify the printing process and are more cost effective, especially on short to medium runs. This opens doors for flexo trade shops to produce new work that was previously unavailable to them.

Digital Printing…When to Invest

There has been a huge push towards digital printing over the last two years that has us wondering a couple things; Is this trend here to stay and, is this technology fact or fiction? If we recognize that digital printing is here to stay and this technology is reliable, then a number of other questions surface. Is inkjet or toner right for our customers? Do we invest a little or a lot? Do we need a digital front end ERP? And last but not least, how do we measure the return on investment?