4 Big Cosmetic Packaging Market Trends

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The cosmetics industry is a worldwide behemoth, an enormous market that’s predicted to grow to $28.2 billion market by 2018, an aggressive growth track, especially in China and India. That’s all good news for printers and converters because packaging is a major element is cosmetic brands’ identity in this very saturated market.

A new report by Smithers-Pira has identified the 4 biggest packaging trends for cosmetics:

Products for men are a growing niche: From shaving gear to skin care, men around the world are spending more of their disposable income on personal products. An example: Menaji, a brand of skincare products for men, which includes a concealer. (Just don’t let the company’s founder hear you call it makeup: “’It’s not makeup. It is color-corrective product,” Probst says.” Now we know.)

Green is growing: Consumers now expect cosmetic packaging to be either made from post-consumable materials and/or for it to be recyclable (whether they actually recycle it is another story). This presents an interesting conundrum for products in the luxury cosmetic segment: striking a balance between being “green” while still presenting an up-market product, which often means layers of packaging. Additionally, there’s been a big growth in products that are oil-based, featuring ingredients like Argan Oil, so manufacturers are creating containers that can dispense and protect the thick contents, while remaining sustainable.

Ease-of-use: Just like brands in the ready-to-eat food segment, cosmetics and personal care companies are aware of consumers’ increasing time constraints and desire for products that are easy to pop in a gym bag or purse, so they’re experimenting with new packaging that makes products easy to use, like containers with gravity pumps. This airless pump from Yanbal and Albéa was designed for “precise dosage, formula protection, ergonomics and aesthetic appeal,” says Albéa’s Doug Jackson.

More bang for the buck: Consumers’ expectations for their favorite brands are growing, and companies have responded by adding bells-and-whistles to their cosmetics products, like foundations with built-in rollers or pen-style eyeliners, that can be used without other tools. Like this new fragrance dispenser from Quadpack: it’s got a roll-on applicator, and two different scents, accessible from opposite ends of the tube.