Webinar:3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tapes: L-Series

September 2, 2015 – 1pm EST
Free Roll of the L-Series to All Participants


3m L Series Mounting TapesOne of the most underestimated factors in flexographic printing is the interplay between the flexo printing plate and the adhesive tape. The tape’s adhesive must hold the plate firmly in place during the printing process, yet allow for easy removal after the job is printed. Process inconsistencies can result in high adhesion causing plate damage or leaving unwanted residue on the plate requiring added clean-up time.

3M recently introduced the Cushion-Mount Plus L-Series mounting tapes with a new and impressive adhesive technology designed to minimize plate damage and reduce associated costs. The new L-Series with Easy Mount Adhesive provides a repeatable and efficient process to mount and demount flexo printing plates.

Webinar Overview

3M L-series Mounting TapesThis Webinar, in partnership with 3M specialists, will look at trends in the industry which impact the selection of the proper mounting tape. We will discuss in particular how to overcome variations in your process which can result in plate damage.

We will cover how 3M technology can help dramatically reduce costs by extending plate life and what it means to your operations.

Finally, we will describe the range of 3M L-Series Mounting Tapes and help you take the Flexo challenge by providing you with a free roll of the L-Series.


  • Scott Johnston – 3M Corporate Accounts Manager – Anderson & Vreeland
  • Kevin Hooley – US Web Processing Marketing Manager – 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division
  • Ann Michaud – Sr Technical Service Manager – 3M