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Screen L350UV

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Screen L350UV

Screen L350UVDigital production is now an everyday reality in the label printing industry. With its introduction, printing companies are naturally looking to further reduce the cost of handling diverse, small lot jobs. But beyond this, they are also seeking improved functionality and ideas that will help them unlock new business opportunities.

Digital printing significantly reduces production times at the start of output. This dynamic format helps to create a streamlined workflow from data submission right through to output.

The Truepress Jet L350UV delivers high-speed processing of up to 50 meters (164 feet) every minute, along with consistently high color quality. Compared to both conventional and other digital presses, this represents a major reduction in printing time for small as well as medium size jobs.

As digital presses do not require plates, they also have a clear advantage over conventional systems in terms of production costs. Again, this advantage is particularly evident for small to medium size jobs.
SCREEN’s proprietary Truepress inks reduce fluid usage to a minimum to achieve top quality finishing. Costs associated with increasing sheet counts are likewise minimized, greatly improving break even points. These inks also provide greater flexibility for handling variable sheet counts.

Screen L350UV

The main units for label processing are integrated into a single system
Shorter turnaround times significantly improve customer satisfaction

High image quality boosts product appeal

The Truepress Jet L350UV features proprietary SCREEN printheads with four step droplet technology. The outstanding expression of color gradations enabled by the system’s high-resolution screening, coupled with the wider color gamut of our proprietary UV inks, create an impressive depth of natural beauty.

Post-processing adds value to labels

Gold stamping using gold foil and die-cutting as well as surface processing such as varnishing and film laminating can all be applied with the JetConverter L350. Linking to this system allows the production of high value added labels with rapid turnaround.

Improved handling opens up new opportunities

The Truepress Jet L350UV is able to accommodate a repeat length of 2,400 mm and media width of 350 mm. This provides an unprecedented level of space usage and delivers the high degree of design freedom and visibility required in the display sign field. This functionality expands the printing market and opens up new business opportunities.

Sharp and reliable printing of even fine characters

The Truepress Jet L350UV is able to clearly print text as small as four points. The choke function also prevents thickening of outline text, providing excellent legibility even for the large amounts of information usually found on drug and supplement labels. These features enable one pass processing of individual lot numbers and other variable printing jobs.

Exceptional registration accuracy and micro-droplets support security printing

A remarkably stable transport mechanism tightly controls paper feeding to prevent me- andering and maintain optimal transfer con- ditions. In combination with the Truepress Jet L350UV’s highly efficient printheads and pro- prietary inks, this ensures consistently high registration accuracy and small droplet size. This precision is essential for the output of detailed dot codes such as QR and barcodes, as well as any other security printing requiring a high level of accuracy.

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