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In 1946 Foster Manufacturing Company started providing solutions for storage needs of the printing industry with high-quality cabinets. With the advent of offset printing, Foster expanded its range of products to include flat and vertical filing systems and precision light tables for stripping.

Today, Foster Keencut meets the needs of the digital age with the most complete selection of cutters and trimmers for wide format, sign-making and display graphics production.

Flexo Futura Plate Cutter

Flexo Futura CutterThe Flexo Futura gives you:

  • Large diameter roller thrust bearings on the cutting head for total control of both blade carriers. No flex, side play or hooks.
  • Features beveled edge and vertical blade holders that are spring loaded and retractable when not in use.

Designed specifically for cutting flexo printing plates, Foster Keencut’s Flexo Futura Plate Cutter takes the onerous task of hand beveling out of your hands minimizing the risk of injury from re-makes and bad cuts.

Flexo FuturaMoreover, this machine offers your shop incredible cost savings simply by eliminating manual errors. Improper hand-cut bevels can result in gaps between splices, costing you the time of filling and taping them and creating stress points that can release during a press run. The costly end result: a plate lifting off the printing cylinder and destroying itself.

With the Flexo Futura Plate Cutter, you can enjoy seamless splices, safety and savings.

Flexo Futura Plate Cutter Includes:

  • Cutting mat
  • Medium-duty blades (100)
Flexo Futura

Cutting head is mounted on roller bearings running on steel tracks.
20 year warranty on the bearings.

Flexo Futura

Easy to change blade cartridges for switching between cutting materials in seconds.
Ergonomically designed cutting head makes it easy to use over long periods - comfortable for left or right-handed users.

Flexo Futura

The cutting head has two blade holders, a vertical cutter on the right hand side and a bevel cutter on the left.


Flexo Futura

New high performance slideway and head system uses Foster Keencut’s SteelTrak technology.

Flexo Futura

Beveled edge and vertical blade holders are spring loaded and retractable when not in use.

Flexo Futura

Vertical cutter is on the right hand side and a bevel cutter on the left.

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Evolution-E2 Precision Cutter

Evolution Precission Cutter

Evolution Precission Cutter

The Keencut Evolution-E2 is the industry’s most precise wide-format cutter, engineered for speed and convenience.

  • The weighted cutting bar, in addition to having silicone bead strips along the straight edge and base plate, provides additional grip for materials, eliminating the need to manually hold materials in place.
  • Materials can also be secured flush against production work stops to hold them in place.
    A sturdy torsion bar allows single operators to lift and control the entire cutter bar from a single end (either side).
  • An easily interchangeable textile cutting head provides additional substrate cutting versatility.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets allow the Evolution-E2 to be affixed to any table, regardless of its straightness or levelness. The adjustable levelers ensure straight and accurate cuts on any surface – to within .008″ over the entire length of the cut, up to 144″.

High-Performance, Bi-Directional Cutting Head
The Evolution-E2 features an extruded alloy cutting base and a high-performance double cutting head design that relies on long lasting Graphik blades. These unique reversible blades cater to both left- and right- handed operators and cut materials up to 1/2″. The blades can also be set at different depths, allowing the first blade to score the material and the second blade to cut through it in a single pass. Also included is one medium-duty utility blade holder that accepts standard utility blades and cuts up to 3/8″ thick.

Turn Your Precision Cutting Bar into a Cutting System
Designed to fit your existing table or with the optional Evolution 2 Bench. Combine the Evolution 2 Bench with the Evolution-E2 cutter to create the ultimate precision cutting table.

Perfect for Cutting Up to 1/2″:

  • Acrylic (score & snap up to 1/4″)
  • Banners
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Fabric & Textiles
  • Foam Board
  • Inkjet media
  • Paper
  • PVC board (10mm)
  • Tissue

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