AVsolveII plus Flexo Plate Processing Solution

AVSolve 2 plus

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AVsolveII plus™ flexo plate processing solution is the latest advancement in washout technology for flexo plates. Developed to replace hazardous solvents used in plate processing, AVsolve II plus™ is an organic formula that is easy to work with and a nice contrast to foul-smelling solvent washout solutions. AVsolve II plus has a clean scent during processing and drying, and leaves virtually no residual odor in finished plates.

Digital LAMs, capping and release layers dissolve quickly and completely with AVsolve II plus™ resulting in minimal processor sludging, and energy savings are realized as this OSHA-friendly processing solution operates at lower temperatures. AVsolve II plus™ is good for you, your company and the environment. It’s a wonderful alternative to traditional solvents used to process flexo plates.

AVsolve II plus Processing Solution

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