Experience a Best in Class Workshop for Packaging Prepress

Flexo Workshop Series

Experience a Best in Class Workshop for Packaging Prepress

In a time when everyone is looking to get more done with less, there is nothing like learning from experts. And that’s what’s in store when you attend one of ten Anderson & Vreeland seminars on prepress for flexographic packaging.

Sponsored by GMG Americas, Hybrid Software, Measure Color, Techkon, and ThermoflexX, these half-day Packaging Prepress seminars are not-to-be-missed opportunities to gain hands-on experience with the most advanced prepress workflows available.

You’ll learn how to move a packaging project through the complete prepress process from PDF submission through extended gamut color separation, to proofing, trapping, step-and-repeat, and platemaking. You’ll experience how powerful new tools can help you address the most demanding issues facing packaging pros and how you can dramatically reduce prepress time and costs while increasing productivity and job quality.

Here’s how attendees to last Fall’s workshops described their Best in Class Experience:

  • “Exposure to every aspect of the applications”
  • “Concise and educational”
  • “Showed me new possibilities I was not aware of”
  • “Extended Gamut Discussions”
  • “Provided a lot of information in a short amount of time”
  • “Very knowledgeable presenters”
  • “We liked the relaxed atmosphere. Covered all the areas we were interested in.”

The ten seminars will be taking place across North America, so you’re probably within driving distance of a learning experience that can transform the way you work. Upcoming dates and cities include:

  • Dallas, TX January 25
  • Cincinnati, OH February 15
  • Seattle, WA February 28
  • Atlanta GA, March 15
  • Toronto ON, March 29
  • Appleton WI, April 12
  • Charlotte NC, April 26
  • Los Angeles CA, May 4
  • Minneapolis, May 24
  • Chicago IL, October 18
  • New Jersey, November 8

The sessions will generally be held from 9 AM to 1 PM. A few weeks prior to the seminar date we’ll be sending email notifications and registration information to package printing professionals who live and work near each city. Seating will be limited, so please be sure to register right away and get ready to experience a Best in Class Workshop in Packaging Prepress.

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